Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We pride ourselves on delivering consistent, reliable performance

C & D Electronics is devoted to supplying quality products and services to our customers by ensuring precise, reliable service, which effectively satisfies each customer’s specific requirements for quality. In addition to Customers, C&D Electronics strives to meet requirements of all interested parties including employees, suppliers, and regulatory agencies. We are committed to achieving consistently reliable performance by:

• Providing our staff with an open reporting environment, proper tools, and training to establish a higher standard of competency.
• Improving the effectiveness of the quality management system by planning, monitoring, and measuring quality system activities which includes human factors.
• Establishing measurable quality objectives and monitor our achievements of these objectives, periodically.

AVX Corporation

ceramic and tantalum capacitors, thick and thin film capacitors, resistors, integrated passive
components and filters


Machining & Molding Components for Electrical Connectors